CCFA first international fundraiser held in January

CCFA first international fundraiser held in January

CCFA first international fundraiser held in London

Hosted at the enchanting Royal Geographical Society in London on January 29th, the first CCFA fundraiser offered a welcome start to 2020. Guest speaker Michael Charton, who has presented his talk over 300 times, was exceptional.

Charton, a South African historian, is known for his signature performance, My Father’s Coat. Charton presents an experiential account of history that is relevant across cultures and seas. He follows carefully selected South African protagonists over a period spanning 200 turbulent years. Mzilikazi, Kruger, Rhodes, Gandhi, Smuts and Mandela are each given a spotlight under which to lure in the audience by subtly endorsing their beliefs and biases, rather than eliminating them, providing a more inclusive overview of South African history. Through his performance, Charton also highlights the important role historic awareness plays in coming to understand current socio-political behaviour.

Guests at the fundraiser enjoyed South African wines sponsored by Painted Wolf Wine and Waterford Estate. All guests were given the opportunity to take part in an online auction for luxury African holidays, which was a success and helped to raise £30 000 on the evening.

The event was a great opportunity to raise awareness around CCFA initiatives and ongoing projects. 300 people attended the VIP reception held during the interval of the talk, where they enjoyed networking over canapes.

CCFA are overwhelmed by the amount of support shown by the South Africans living in London. We hope to make our fundraiser in the UK an annual event.

Zambezi Queen and Ball Sports

Zambezi Queen and Ball Sports

Zambezi Queen and Ball Sports​

What do Zambezi Cruises and Ball Sports Have in Common?

Nothing really, but ball sports keep both the staff at the Zambezi Queen Collection lodges, as well as the local community out of trouble and in good spirits.

Mantis Accor’s Zambezi Queen Collection; the Chobe River Lodge, Chobe Princesses and Zambezi Queen, are each situated near one of three local community conservancies respectively. Chobe River Lodge is close to Impalila (far east), the Zambezi Queen mooring point is (in the middle) in Kasika and the Chobe Princesses are moored in Kabhulabhula (west). The three conservancies take turns to host sports league soccer and netball tournaments at their local school fields. Each conservancy is made up of various provincial teams from which the national team for each of these three areas is then selected.
The teams form a melting pot of older school children, police officers, teachers and members of the community in general, attracting their friends, family and neighbours to games, making these sports days integral to the cohesion of these communities as well as their relationships with the nearby lodges.
Regional Manager of the Zambezi Collection, Debbie Duke-Norris, along with a few other staff members, actively support the sports teams. Debbie helps to introduce good hosting skills in each area, such as ensuring home grounds are clean and presentable, which goes hand in hand with environmental conservation. CCFA are proud to be partnered with the Zambezi Collection team whose actions to support local communities align with those upon which the organisation was founded. CCFA will continue to foster community building events and as such recently donated uniforms to these sports teams, which has created a great sense of pride among the teams, especially having never had the opportunity to play sports in uniform before.
The latest league tournament was hosted by Impalila in mid October. Kasika won the men’s soccer league with Impalila taking second place. The home side (Impalila) took the women’s league netball title.
Sports team training sessions take place on Sunday afternoons, serving as a great alternative way to spend leisure time, rather than simply turning to social drinking and the adverse activities that go along with it. Overall these community sports boost social morale and create a bit of excitement among friends and Zambezi Queen Collection staff alike.