COVID 19 Face Masks

As the current pandemic the world is facing unfolds, CCFA has recognised the need to stand together to support local communities, now more than ever before. While we remain dedicated to upholding conservation initiatives throughout Africa, we also feel called to support local communities who are struggling to provide food for their families.

We have joined forces with our mascot sewers to produce beautiful shweshwe masks. The purchase will not only support this job creation project but also help us donate masks to Livingstone Hospital in PE.

So many of you have seen and bought our beautiful animal mascots, designed and sewn in partnership with Baby Cuddles, a job creation project for women living in tiny settlement of Kylemore, in the Western Cape.  However, now due to Covid-19 and the increased demand for masks, the team of seamstresses have adapted their business and are making masks.

The masks are made according to the Department of Health guidelines, using the Shweshwe cotton used for the mascots. They are made up of 3 layers: The outer layer is 100% cotton; the middle layer –Spunbon interfacing, which inhibits the transfer of small particles yet doesn’t inhibit breathing and the inner layer is made of polyester. Elastic ear loops make putting on and taking off the mask as quick and easy as possible. There is also washed ‘denim’ cotton masks  available.

CCFA would like to appeal to our followers and supporters, to purchase masks for this great cause.  The masks are being sold in packs of two for R100 (R50 each) and for every mask purchased, one will be donated to the Livingstone Hospital in PE. Upon order and payment the masks will shipped directly to you.