Own a Beehive

Carbon Offset Initiative – Beekeeping

The CCFA has embarked on a new and exciting project that aims to place beehives on various properties within the Eastern Cape. The organisation has transferred a total of 120 beehives and has commissioned the re-homing of these hives to Menno’s Bee Company. This company has since employed an additional 4 local community members to help with the installation and maintenance of these beehives.

There are approximately 50, 000 – 75, 000 bees per hive, meaning CCFA has created a habitat for an average of 6,000 000 – 9,000 000 bees.  Bees are a cornerstone species to all life on Earth. Thus, the significant decline in honey bee populations is disrupting the natural flow of every ecosystem on our planet.

Cross-pollination helps about a third of the world’s crops as well as the majority of the Earth’s wild plants to thrive. Many interconnected species (including the human race) and processes within ecosystems will collapse if bees and other pollinator species are not conserved.


During April and May, CCFA introduced a further 10 hives at Mantis Intle Boutique Hotel in the Eastern Cape.  The Eastern Cape has experienced rain during the first quarter of 2020 which has assisted in honey production.  The team have managed to extract  a total of 356 kg of honey at three of the Mantis properties holding the hives.  Our first batches of honey are now being sold at Spar Retail outlets in Port Elizabeth