Rowing Nonstop, Guarding Nonstop: Protecting Rhinos 24/7!

Nelson Mandela Bay’s very own “Rhino Warrior,” Sharon Jessop, has organised another incredible challenge in support of rhinos! We at the CCFA are thrilled to be the conservation beneficiary of this remarkable event, which aims to bolster our Rhino Conservation initiative in South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

Rowing Round the Clock for Round the Clock Rhino Protection!

Row for Rhinos: On the 4th and 5th of August 2023, a dynamic team of 12 rowers, consisting of 6 talented boys from Grey High School and 6 remarkable ladies will come together to attempt a new Guinness World Record for indoor distance rowing. Each Grey High School boy will be teamed up with a lady rower and each team will share a Concept II rower. Each participant will row for 30 minutes and rest for 30 minutes while the other team member rows. This will continue for 24 hours, and the total distance rowed by all 12 rowers will count towards the Guinness World Record. The event will take place at Nelson Mandela Bay’s Boardwalk Mall.

This exhilarating endeavour serves a dual purpose: raising essential funds and creating awareness for the conservation of rhinos. Our Eastern Cape rhinos face ongoing threats, and we strongly believe that it is both our duty and privilege to play a part in saving this iconic species.

By supporting this event, you can contribute to our planned Rhino Conservation Project at Nyosi Wildlife Reserve, a peri-urban sanctuary located in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa. Here the CCFA strives to make this space available for rhinos to thrive. The Reserve’s ideal habitat, combined with a meticulously designed rhino management plan, will ensure the best possible conditions for these majestic creatures.

At present, the white rhino population stands at approximately 16,000, with the majority residing in South Africa. Sadly, over the past decade, their numbers have plummeted due to escalating poaching activities driven by the demand for rhino horn products in the Far East. Since 2008 nearly 12,000 rhino have been killed in poaching incidents. This shows why it has become crucial to enhance security measures and safeguard rhinos in their natural habitats.

Rowing 24 hours for 24-hour rhino protection

The CCFA aims to raise funds for the 24-hour guarded protection of the rhinos earmarked for introduction at Nyosi Wildlife Reserve. Additionally, our Rhino Conservation initiative encompasses a community empowerment and education program. Already, two inspiring “Rhino Champions” have benefited from the initiative by securing internships at the Reserve. The internships were specifically funded as part of a grant to support the costs of the rhino capture and relocation. These interns graduated from a youth development course, a vital component of the CCFA’s Greening Young Futures initiative. As wildlife conservation ambassadors, the Rhino Champions play a pivotal role in their communities, emphasizing the mutual benefits between the rhinos and their human counterparts. It’s an encouraging cycle of growth and protection.

We invite you to be a part of our Rhino Conservation initiative by supporting the Row for Rhinos event. Every contribution counts! To make a difference and support the cause, simply click on the link below.

Together, let’s row toward a brighter future for our beloved rhinos. Join us in championing their conservation efforts and ensuring their continued existence. Your support can make all the difference.


How will your donation support rhino conservation?

  • R100 / $5 will feed a rhino for a day (supplementary feed to keep them in great health)
  • R300 / $15 will sponsor security fence patrols for a day
  • R1,000 / $50 will sponsor a conservation awareness session for a school class of 30 pupils
  • R2,000 / $100 will provide 24-hour guarded protection for a rhino for a day

How to support our Rhino Conservation Efforts

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