Core Team Members

Di Luden

Di is our CCFA team leader and oversees all aspects of the fund. She is our ‘chief communications officer’; developing and maintaining connections between the founders, investors and beneficiaries of the CCFA.

On a personal level, Di has been inspired by the CCFA initiative, as well as the passion and motivation of its founding partners. Touching base with the communities involved in the program has made returning to South Africa after 9 years working abroad, all the more meaningful to Di. She feels humbled by the smiles on the faces of people living in local impoverished communities and is committed to her purposeful role at the CCFA, which allows her to contribute to the ripple effect of small changes that will ultimately make a big difference to the global environment and communities. 

Jan Felgate

Jan Felgate is the CCFA representative in the United Kingdom.  Jan Felgate was the former head of the IMG Tennis Division in the UK, having been with the company since 1992, representing top ten players on the ATP and WTA Tours and overseeing IMG tennis events in the UK. Jan also served as the CEO of the ATP Champions Tour, the official senior tour of men’s professional tennis, comprised of events in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North and South America. A co-founder of the Tim Henman Charitable Foundation, Jan also is a World Fellow of the Duke of Edinburgh International Awards.

Cheryl Reynolds

Cheryl Reynolds, owner of CRC Communications, is a South African based communications specialist. Having established CRC Communications in 2004, Cheryl has experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies and communications campaigns both locally and internationally.

Her skills include brand development, report writing, media liaison, social media communication, stakeholder relations, internal and external communication.  In addition to this, Cheryl was instrumental in the development and implementation of a rhino horn demand reduction campaign in Vietnam, where she worked with international schools, business chambers and environmental organisations with the aim of ending the demand for rhino horn in this key user country.

Cheryl supports the CCFA team with our digital marketing platforms.

Linda Holmes

Linda Capazorio Holmes, founder & owner of Ocreatives and all round magician, lends her natural creative eye and brand development skills to the growth of the CCFA brand. A graphic designer by trade; Linda specialises in print media & brand development and has created the original look of CCFA. She has over a decade of experience and has worked with some formidable creatives and brand in South Africa and abroad. Her vast background in working with a variety of business types and many hospitality organisations has been invaluable to CCFA as she has driven the creative process and corporate identity development.

Mandisa Magwaxaza

Mandisa Magwaxaza is the head writer for CCFA. A homegrown advocate for community upliftment in the tourism industry of the Eastern Cape; her many years in hospitality and tourism marketing have defined her skillset. Mandisa runs community upliftment programmes which work in conjunction with the CCFA, and her affinity with rural communities has added a layer of soulful insight to the development of the CCFA’s message. Never shying away from getting her hands dirty, Mandisa often gets involved in local CCFA programmes to stay connected to the heartbeat of the organisation and thus deliver stories that are authentic to the brand.


Steve Backshall

STEVE BACKSHALL (PATRON) is a BAFTA winning English naturalist, writer and television presenter, best known for BBC TV’s Deadly 60 in addition to his other BBC work as part of the expedition teams in Lost Land of the Tiger, Lost Land of the Volcano and Lost Land of the Jaguar. He has also worked for the National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel as well as publishing three novels for children and several non-fictions works. Steve supports a number of charities in the UK and abroad and is an ardent conservationist believing that getting kids outside at an early age is vital to encourage them to love nature and the environment.

Ben Fogle

BEN FOGLE (PATRON) is an award-winning Broadcaster and adventurer. He has written 9 Sunday Times Bestselling books and is the United Nations Patron of the Wilderness. Ben has climbed Mount Everest, rowed across the Atlantic, raced across Antarctica to the South Pole and crossed the deserts of the Empty Quarter in the Middle East. He has presented numerous programmes for the BBC, ITV, C5 and Discovery including the hit series New Lives in the Wild. A fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. He is ambassador to Tusk and Hearing Dogs for the Deaf and Patron of The Red Cross and United Nations.

Bottomless Coffee Band

BOTTOMLESS COFFEE BAND (AMBASSADOR). Bottomless Coffee Band is a Cape Town based multi-instrumental, alternative duo consisting of married couple Lourens and Esté Rabé. Their style can be described as folk-pop with a hint of blues and classical. The group was formed as two students at Stellenbosch University. Music gave birth to a love story that was soon to hit the student town by storm. Lourens; a city boy from the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, met Esté; a drama student and small-town Karoo girl from Graaff-Reinet at a choir rehearsal. They soon realised that they had more in common than a mutual dream to be musicians, they both wanted to use music as a platform to reach people with an uplifting message. The duo started performing together in 2010 and weekends gradually filled up with festivals and theatres. After completion of their studies, they both went into full time corporate careers; Lourens an Investment Analyst in the Asset Management industry whilst Esté headed up a theatre company. The duo continued their pursuit of music part time. They never let go of that initial dream but continued the pursuit by constantly writing new songs for their repertoires but continued the pursuit by constantly writing new songs for their repertoires and adding more instruments to intrigue crowds at their shows. By 2014 they were juggling 10-15 shows per month with full time careers and it soon became apparent they would reach the point to “quit the day-job” and take the leap of faith to make music professionally. After releasing their self-produced debut album Room With A View at the end of 2014, they embarked on a national tour across South Africa. The recording of Room With A View was initially intended to document what the duo thought was an exciting opportunity to get a taste of a career in music, little did they know that it was only the beginning. The tour was a sell-out and BCB became crowd favourites for melodic storytelling and electrifying performances, inspiring the nostalgia of the folk-rock legends of yesteryear. With foot stomping rhythms, hard hitting lyrics and hints of the dramatic, they are impressive to watch. They maintain a “feel good” atmosphere throughout their music and performance, as is their outlook on life. Bottomless Coffee Band have produced a song called “Wilderness” specifically to draw awareness to their partnership with CCFA. They are the very first ambassadors for CCFA.


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