CCFA, a registered non-profit company (NPC), is both a fundraising and a grant-giving organization, active in educating and empowering local communities to help themselves by implementing sustainable wildlife management systems. 

Guests who visit the 30+ Mantis Collection hotels, eco-escapes and waterways play an important role in supporting conservation-led travel and hospitality. It’s about curated destinations, inspired by sustainable adventures.


The Fund has brought together three internationally successful wildlife conservation organisations: Wilderness Foundation Africa, African Parks and Tusk Trust and collaborates on projects in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.

Through our projects and interventions we are trying to shift mind sets, to encourage people to become more accountable for their actions and to safeguard our wildlife and wilderness areas.  Whether it is tourists visiting our properties, our suppliers, team members or the local community, we want to incentivise everyone to preserve our planet.

We are here to help educate our tourists, communities and stakeholders to support our wildlife and wilderness areas.

During our 18 month journey our projects have helped improve the environment for people as well as nature, as well as:

  • Contributed towards the alleviation of poverty
  • Assisted with personal and social transformation
  • Changed and uplifted communities
  • Addressed ways of creating more sustainable lifestyles, while also helping to offset carbon emissions.

Successful projects are currently being supported in seven countries in Southern Africa with positive outcomes. They range from focusing on gorilla health in Rwanda through to bringing clean drinking water to communities in Namibia, stopping the illegal trade of the endangered grey-crowned cranes, creating green landscapes, supporting elephant conservation and the human/elephant conflict mitigation program in Namibia and creating a fisheries project that currently supports around 120 families.