is the site for the local who ran the height of Mount Everest – or Chomolungma (Mother of the World) – in 24 hours.

On September 24 2021, Heritage Day, extreme sportsman, philanthropist and Nelson Mandela Bay
resident – Steven Lancaster – rose to the challenge to the Everesting challenge, a gruelling 8 849m run.

The Everesting challenge is in support of the CCFA’s ‘Greening the Community’ pilot project,
raising funds to buy and plant 600 trees at schools, within the Kwa-Nobuhle township.

What is Everesting?

The concept was simple but a mammoth challenge. You pick a hill, anywhere in the world and then run or ride repeats of it, in a single activity, until you have climbed 8 849m – the equivalent ascent of Mount Everest.  It was initiated by George Mallory (grandson of the famous mountaineer who died on Mount Everest in 1924) when he climbed the equivalent of the height of Mount Everest in 1994.

‘Brickmakers’ Kloof Road is Lancaster’s ‘Everest’. Notorious for its steep incline and greenscapes, it’s known as one of the ‘green lungs’ of Nelson Mandela Bay.

In the 24 hour period, Lancaster aimed to summit Kloof Road 165 times.  Each summit was 700m long with a 63m elevation. The average gradient is a challenging 9% but tops out at 12% in the first 300m. (The steepest gradient in the Tour de France is 13%).

His ‘Mount Everest’ was reached after 141 summits, however he aimed to run further and achieved a height of 10 000m.


For a better perspective, the total
distance has been broken down into
various mountain peaks:

Our eco-climber

Lancaster is no weekend warrior. He has completed 2 x Two Oceans Ultra Marathons and 4 x 100-mile trail races. In 2019 he organised the Galaxy Bingo ONE12run, a 12-hour individual or team relay challenge on the Sardinia Bay parkrun.  During the Covid-19 lockdown he continued to train and now together with his multisport coach, Bruce Campbell, of Aspire #LiveFit, he has introduced cross training into his regular long runs to increase his overall strength.

‘You don’t have to be a hero to accomplish great things – to compete. You can just be an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals.’
(Sir Edmund Hilary)

The Sherpas

Partners and sponsors included VWSA, as presenting partner, AlgoaFM, as official media partner, and The Bridge Street Brewery.  AlgoaFM will helped raise awareness and broadcast the progress during the climb.

Bridge Street Brewery  the official vibey venue hub for the Everesting Challenge, livestreamed the climb on their big screen. They offered free craft beer/gin coupons for the first 350 trees purchased as well as an incentive for corporates. All corporates who purchased three or more tree clusters (30 plus trees) will have use of the Tap Room Venue free-of-charge, pending availability, valued at R3000.

The project

‘Greening the Community’ is an empowerment project that encourages people to take responsibility for their own lives and wellbeing, for the space in which they live, their community and ultimately their country and the planet. It’s about changing people’s lives, uplifting communities, social transformation and creating a sustainable future.

The project will help the 121 800 community members of Kwa-Nobuhle improve their environment

What types of Trees will be planted?


for Oxygen

Fruit Trees

for Food

Hardwood Trees

For Shade

Besides planting 600 trees, future goals include:

Help plant a better future

Trees are the ‘green lungs’ of our planet, they turn carbon dioxide into clean, pure oxygen. To make a difference and help our planet breathe freely, we urge you to support this “Greening the Community” project.


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to purchase a tree