Shweshwe Festive Stockings


We have joined forces with our mascot sewers to produce beautiful Shweshwe Festive Stockings.

R240 –  Large Stockings

R200 – Medium Stockings

R200 – Pack of 5 Small Tree Decorations

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The first is the tale of the origin of the Christmas stocking.  It is said the Saint Nicholas, in the spirit of Christmas, threw three bags of gold through an open window on Christmas Eve and one landed in a stocking. When the girls and their father woke up the next morning they found the bags of gold and were, of course, overjoyed.

Another feel good story is that of a group of women in the tiny settlement of Kylemore, in the Western Cape who are sewing for us to ensure a sustained income. Through a partnership with Baby Cuddles, they have been designing and producing our animal mascots. Now they have turned their talents to making Christmas stockings in three different sizes. The stockings represent a trilogy of ‘all things good’ in the spirit of Christmas.

Firstly, by ordering our stockings you will not only be assisting the sewing group, who are sole financial providers, but also their immediate and extended families who rely on this income. It also makes it possible for us give others the opportunity to join the team, learn to sew and produce beautiful items made in South Africa.  Secondly, you will be helping CCFA  raise money for the many projects we support, who are desperately in need of funding. And last but not least, that ‘feel good, fuzzy’ feeling of knowing someone is going to delight in receiving this unique stocking on Christmas morning.

The stockings are available in three sizes: Large, Medium and a pack of 5 Small stockings for your Christmas tree decorations (can be bought separately). The stockings are being sold for R240 per large stocking, R200 for the medium stockings and R110 for the pack of small stockings.

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