We would like to encourage fellow conservation warriors to donate R300 towards our drive to plant more trees. For every R300 raised the CCFA will plant a tree contributing to our Greening the Community Initiative 

Greening the Community initiative is a long term environmental sustainability initiative empowering local communities to drive environmental awareness practices at grass roots level This Greening the Community Project is designed to inspire change and encourage young people, in particular, to play their part in ensuring a prosperous future for all.  Your funding will be part of a collective effort to improve our environment for people and nature. They will contribute towards the alleviation of poverty, assisting with personal and social transformation, changing and uplifting communities, creating a sustainable future – while helping to offset carbon emissions.

The Goals 

  • To see a visible difference in the ‘colour’ of the Kwa Nobuhle landscape, to take it from brown, dry and polluted to green and luscious land being maintained by proud community members
  • Open & sustain a nursery
  • Create employment and upskill young people
  • Preserve and educate

How will we achieve our Goals

  • Plant 600 trees in various schools, churches and safe spaces throughout 2021
  • 20 students from the Kwa-Nobuhle township to be enrolled in the Siyazenzela Life Skills and Employability Course. The course focusses on indigenous horticulture, plant handing, traditional medicine and general conservation awareness and practices
  • Empower these students after their education to help build a retail nursery where the community can purchase their own plants.

What types of Trees will be planted?

Spekboom for OXYGEN

Fruit Trees for FOOD

Hardwood Trees for SHADE

Desired Sustainable Development Outcomes

  • Poverty Reduction
  • Hunger Reduction
  • Responsible Consumption  
  • Climate Action
  • Protecting and Restoring Life on Land

The success of this project will be measured by the physical transformation of the Kwa-Nobuhle landscape.  CCFA will continue working with this project until a visible, measurable difference in vegetation is achieved.